The Sinnoh 2nd Grand Festival is an Anime-exclusive event during the Platinum Series. Pokemon Coordinators who wish to enter it need five ribbons won from the Sinnoh contest in order to do so. The winner of the Grand Festival would earn the Ribbon Cup.

In PT163, Marian announced that it would be held in Lake Acuity, the site most recent Glace Cup.

Cyndaquil and Buneary's Appeal


The Grand Festival started in PT174 and ended in PT177. Unlike all Sinnoh Contest, Lilian Meridian announced it replaces Marian. Instead of the usual three judges, the Grand Festival has six judges in attendance. As well as Mr. Contesta, Mr. Sukizo and Lilycove City's Nurse Joy in attendace as well as a special guest judge: Fantina, the Hearthome City's Gym Leader, Candice, the Snowpoint City's Gym Leader, and Violet, The Top Coordinator. For the Grand Festival, Sapphire, Dawn, and their rivals, wore new costumes.



Due there being so many entrants to the Grand Festival, the appeal stage been divided up onto three stages; the Red Stage, the Green Stage, and the Blue Stage. Each Coordinator performed on one of the stages for two judges. Each judging team consisting of Candice and Violet (Blue Stage), Mr. Contesta and Nurse Joy (Red Stage), or Fantina and Mr. Sukizo (Green Stage). The stages can be modified for each coordinator (for instance, when Violet perform a small appearance with her Vaporeon and Eevee the stage transformed into a pool with Ice Rocks on it which evolving Eevee into Glaceon and perfect for Water-type and Ice type Pokemon to use.) Like Sinnoh Grand Festival, it has only one appeal round. Once everyone had appealed, the Top 32 coordinators progressed to the second round.


The second round marked the beginning of the Grand Festival's battle rounds marking some changes to the layout. First, now there were only 32 coordinators left the battles on a single stage, and also the amount of judges were had been reduced from six to five (Mr. Contesta, Mr. Sukizo, Nurse Joy, Fantina, and Candice). Apart from that, the battles preceed in normal contest manner, with each coordinator using two pokemon in their battles. Any coordinator who ran out of points, had their pokemon knocked-out or had at least amount of points once the time was ran out were eliminated from the grand festival.

Known ContestantsEdit

Trainer Place
Sapphire Winner
Zoey Runner-Up
Nando Top 4
Jesselina Top 4
Dawn Top 8
Kenny Top 16
Ursula Top 32