Sapphire's Umbreon (Japanese: スカイ ブラッキー Sora's Blacky) was the sixth Pokémon obtained by Sapphire.


  • Egg Obtained: Sapphire's Egg-citing Adventure
  • Hatches In: Time warp Heals All Over
  • Hatched In: Celadon City
  • Evolved In: Prior to A Full Courses of Tag Battle
  • Gender: Unknown
  • Ability:
    • Adaptability (As Eevee)
    • Synchronize (As Umbreon)
  • Current Location: With Sapphire


It was hatched as an Eevee in "Time Warp Heal All Over" from an egg Sapphire received from a day-care worker in "Sapphire's Egg-citing Adventure". Since then, it had become a major part of Sapphire's team, watching every one of Sapphire's contests since it has hatched.

Eevee made its contest debut in What I Did for Love, where it went up against Brock and his Croagunk. Although Croagunk, being part Poison-Type, could not detect where Eevee was when it used Dig, Eevee eventually scored a win for Sapphire.

In "A Full Courses of Tag Battle", Sapphire revealed that her Eevee already evolved into an Umbreon by Happiness in The Night.

In "Strategy With a Smile", Sapphire used Umbreon in the Top 8 against Blue and able to beat Wigglytuff, also Blue said that Umbreon is Cute.

Known MovesEdit

Known Moves First Used
Secret Power Cutting the Ties that Bind
Shadow Ball What I Did for Love
Dig What I Did for Love
Iron Tail A Full Courses of Tag Battle
Quick Attack A Full Courses of Tag Battle
Faint Attack Strategy with a Smile
Protect Strategy with a Smile
Psychic Strategy with a Smile
Taunt Strategy with a Smile
Swift Strategy with a Smile
Heal Bell PT167
Dark Pulse HGSS029
Hidden Power HGSS173
Hyper Beam BS019


  • When it was an Eevee, it was the second Normal-type Pokémon that Sapphire Owned.
  • Umbreon is the only Pokémon that Sapphire own that is not Three-stage evolutionary.
  • Umbreon is the third Generation II Pokémon the first being Meganium and the second is Croconaw.