Sapphire's Skitty (スカイエネコ Sora's Eneco) is Sapphire's very first Pokemon before Swampert.


  • Debuts In: "Let the Show on the Road"
  • Caught at: Hoenn
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Cute Charm
  • Current Location: With Sapphire


Pokemon Emerald SeriesEdit

Pokemon Platinum SeriesEdit

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver SeriesEdit

Pokemon Battle Showdown SeriesEdit

Known MovesEdit

Moves Used First Used
Tackle I Feel Skitty
Double-edge I Feel Skitty
Blizzard Game Winning Assist
Assist Game Winning Assist
Iron Tail Time Warp Heals All Over
Captivate PT143
Ice Beam PT167
Swift PT167
Thunder Wave PT175
Solarbeam HGSS172
Shadow Ball BS113
Safeguard BS115
Water Pulse BS115


  • Although Skitty is Sapphire's first Pokemon to be introduced it was said to be her third Pokemon.
  • In BS113, Skitty refuses to evolve into Delcatty, this trait is shared with Ash's Bulbasaur and Dawn's Piplup.
  • Skitty is the first Pokemon that belongs to Sapphire from another trainer especially Pokemon Contest.