Sapphire's Munchlax (スカイ ゴンベ Sora's Gonbe) is the fifth Pokemon was caught by Sapphire during her travels in Hoenn.


  • Debuts In: "Berry Berry Exciting Adventure"
  • Caught At: Hoenn
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Unknown
  • Current Location: At Violet's Home


Pokemon Emerald SeriesEdit

Pokemon Platinum SeriesEdit

Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver SeriesEdit

Pokemon Battle Showdown SeriesEdit

Known MovesEdit

Known Moves First Used
Metronome A Real Cleffa Hanger
Tackle A Real Cleffa Hanger
Water Pulse Sapphire's Egg-citing Adventure
Focus Punch Sapphire's Egg-citing Adventure
Solarbeam May Rides Again
Flamethrower A Full Courses of Tag Battle
Shadow Ball HGSS114