Sapphire (ソラ Sora) is a young Pokémon Coordinator & Trainer currently traveling through all regions along with Ash,Brock,and Dawn. Sapphire started her journey at age 10, honing her skill becoming a Trainer and focusing becoming a top coordinator like her mother Violet. Her Current Team consist Swampert,Umbreon,Meganium,Croconaw,Riolu,and Combusken.

She's notable for her confidence, even when she does not have much. She has learned a lot throughout her travels and battles and can get vey sad if it is win or lose in the competition. She has a fierce rivalry with Bailey and a friendly rivalry with Nando,Zoey,Jesilina,Kenny, and Carolina.


ソラ Sora

Age 13 (as of the battle showdown and best friend series)
Gender Female
Eye color Light Blue
Hair color Dark Blue
Game Counterpart Sora
Hometown Lilycove City
Region Hoenn
Relatives Violet, Sapphy, Professor Birch.
Trainer class Coordinator, Trainer, Gym Leader
Game Counterpart Sora
Debut Episode Let The Show On The Road



On HandEdit

Spr 4d 258Spr 4d 259Spr 4d 260 Spr 4h 133Spr 4h 197 Spr 4h 152Spr 4h 153Spr 4h 154
Mudkip→Marshtomp→Swampert Eevee→Umbreon Chikorita→Bayleef→Meganium
Spr 4p 359 Spr 4p 447 Spr 4p 265Spr 4p 266Spr 4p 267 m
Absol Riolu Wurmple→Silcoon→Beautifly

Used/At HomeEdit

Spr 4d 300 Spr 4d 255 fSpr 4d 256 f Spr 4p 446 Spr 4h 158Spr 4h 159
Sapphire's Skitty Torchic→Combusken Munchlax Totodile→Croconaw


Pokemon Additional Information
Spr 4p 380 Sapphire first found her at LaRousse City to find her Brother Then Sapphire help her to find her Brother Latios.
Spr 4p 489 After found phione's egg it hatch into Phione,Along with Red she finds his home in Chocovine Town.
Spr 4d 385 Prof.Rowan Lend her Jirachi only use to calm down Dialga along with Yoko.

Taken Care Of (Manga Only)Edit

HGSS Espeon HGSS Mantine HGSS Abra
Espeon Mantine Abra
HGSS Mr. Mime Spr 4d 311 Spr 4d 312
Mr. Mime Plusle Minun
HGSS Ninetales HGSS Nidorino Spr 4h 172
Ninetales Nidorino Pichu


Ribbons Obtained Edit


Ribbons Additional Information
Rustboro City Ribbon Aiming to win by Jessie's Yanmega & Seviper she used Mudkip & Beautifly.
Lavaridge Town Ribbon Getting to gain Tommy's Misdreavus,She used Skitty(Borrowed from her mom)
Fortree City Ribbon She used her Mardhtomp against Carrie's Kirlia
Mosdeep City Ribbon Getting to win by Drew's Absol,where she used Chikorita.
Slateport City Ribbon Getting to gain by Solidad/Samantha's Lapras,where she used Skitty


Ribbons Additional Information
Cerulean City Ribbon Aiming to win by Harley's Octillery, where she used Totodile
Celadon City Ribbon Getting to Gain by May's Venasaur, where she used Chikorita
Saffron City Ribbon Getting to gain by Jessie's Seviper, where she used Marshtomp
Starland Island Ribbon Aiming to win Brock's Croagunk, where she used Eevee.
Liberry Town Ribbon Aiming to win by Jame's Mime Jr., where she used Totodile.



Johto IslandEdit

Grand FestivalsEdit


  • Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition in (Winner -with Ash) (PT052)
  • Pokemon Cosplay Competition
  • Cyclamen Town Contest- Top 8 (BS025)
  • Pokemon Johto Orienteering- Runner-up (BS030)