Red (Japanese: レッド Red) is the one of the Main Protagonist of Pokemon Adventures!. He is the first artifficial dragon slayer mage.


レッド Red

Red SpecialRed as he appear in the second half of the series.
Age 17 (as of the second half of the series)
Gender Male
Birth date August 8 (Leo)
Eye color Red
Hair color Black
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Kanto
Trainer class Trainer
Relatives Daiki(Half-self)
Team Dragon Slayers
Previous Team Light Allience
Partner Pearl
Debut round The Day of the Fateful Encounter
Unusual Features Enchanced Smell
Magic Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic
Alias The Fighter (by Professor Oak and Brain), Lightning Dragon (by Brain and Laxus)




Oración Seis arcEdit

Animas arcEdit

Tower of Heaven arcEdit

Region Festival arcEdit

Dragon Slayers arcEdit

Elements arcEdit

S-Trainer Trial arcEdit


Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Artificial Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic: Red is a lightning dragon slayer mage, with this Lightning appears through everywhere making he can eat it and heals him up. Even though, he isn't a true dragon slayer being implanted a Dragon Orb inside of him. But, he still a vowed member of Dragon Slayers.


  • Lightning Dragon's Roar
  • Lightning Dragon's Claw
  • Lightning Dragon's Thunder Fist
  • Lightning Dragon's Wing Attack
  • Lightning Dragon's Sword Horn
  • Lightning Dragon's Thunder Ball
  • Lightning Dragon's Thunder Elbow
  • Lightning Dragon's Storm Punch

Dragon Slayer Secret Technique:

  • Thunder Clash: Lightning Dragon's Fist
  • Thunder Clash: Exploding Storm Sword
  • Thunder Clash: Thunderbird Sword

Dragon Force


Enchanced Smell

Enchanced Resistance

Enchanced Speed

Ultimate Technique: Pikachu in Distress


Animas Magic: Sealed Lightning Blade

Pikachu Mask