The Raito Gym (Japanese: ライトジム Raito Gym) is the official gym of Raito City. It is based on Psychic-type. The Gym Leader is Rinria. Trainers who defeat her receive the Eye Badge.

Raito Gym

'ライトジム' Raito Gym

Location Raito City
Gym Leader Rinria
Badge Eye Badge
Dominant Type Psychic
Region Tasshu

In the gamesEdit

The Raito Gym is a planetarium which lots of switches and a room full of meteorites. The puzzle within Raito City's gym is to activate the switches to open a door that will leads the player to a room with Trainers and a scientist asking a questions about Pokemon. If the player reach the last room, he/she will battle Rinria.


Pokemon Sunlight and MidnightEdit

  • 1. Trainer: Scientist♂ Ken
  • Reward: 3000

1. Drowzee Lv.24♂

2. Drowzee Lv.24♂

  • 2. Trainer: Scientist♀ Tan
  • Reward: 3010

1. Munna Lv.25♀

  • 3. Trainer: Scientist♀ Lin
  • Reward: 3009

1. Kirlia Lv.24♀

2. Kirlia Lv.24♀

  • 4. Trainer: Scientist♂ Jin
  • Reward: 3100

1. Munna Lv.25♂

  • Leader: Rinria
  • Gym: Raito Gym
  • Item Used: Super Potion 3x
  • Reward: 3240

1. Kirlia Lv.25 Type: Psychic Ability: Synchronize♀

Moves:-Confusion-Healing Wave-Psycho Shock-Double Team

2. Munna Lv.25 Type: Psychic Ability: Forewarn♂

Moves:-Hypnosis-Synchro Noise-Psycho Shock-Moonlight

3. Gallade Lv.27 Type: Psychic/Fighting Ability: Steadfast♂

Moves:-Psycho Shock-Leaf Blade-Swords Dance-Fury Cutter


After Rinria is defeated, she will give the player the Eye Badge and TM03 (Psycho Shock).


1. Fresh Water (SLMN): From Gaido at the entrance.