The Makafi Gym (Japanese: マカフィージム Makafi Gym) is the official gym of Makafi City. It is based on Ghost-type Pokemon. The Gym Leader is Mirissa. Trainers who defeat her receive the Shadow Badge.

Makafi Gym

'マカフィージム '''Makafi Gym

Location Makafi City
Gym Leader Mirissa
Badge Shadow Badge
Dominant Type Ghost
Region Tasshu

In the gamesEdit

The Makafi Gym is based on a theater. It has a backstage and a main stage even people are watching from the seat. The puzzle within Makafi City is to unlock each doors in the backstage by defeating trainers to reach the main stage. If the player reach the main stage, he/she will battle Mirissa.


Pokemon Sunlight and MidnightEdit

  • 1. Trainer: Lass Natsume
  • Reward: 368

1. Hitomoshi Lv.17♀

  • 2. Trainer: School Kid Nobi
  • Reward: 340

1. Ghastly Lv.17♂

  • 3. Trainer: Youngster Ted
  • Reward: 366

1. Hitomoshi Lv.15♂

2. Gobitto Lv.17

  • 4. Trainer: School Kid Nana
  • Reward: 300

1. Misdreavus Lv.15♀

2. Misdreavus Lv.15♀

3. Misdreavus Lv.15♀

  • Leader: Mirissa
  • Gym: Makafi Gym
  • Item Used: Potion 3x
  • Reward: 2400

1. Hitomoshi Lv.18 Type: Ghost/Fire Ability: Flash Fire♀

Moves:-Minimize-Shadow Ball-Confuse Ray-Will-O-Wisp

2. Misdreavus Lv.20 Type: Ghost Ability: Levitate♀

Moves:-Shadow Ball-Psywave-Growl-Mean Look


After Mirissa is defeated, she will give the player the Shadow Badge and TM30 (Shadow Ball).


1. Fresh Water (SLMN): From Gaido at the entrance.