(Japanese: カミラ Kamira) is the Gym Leader of Hanabi City's Gym, known officially as the Hanabi Gym. She specializes in Electric-type Pokemon. She gives the Sparkle Badge to trainers who defeat her.


カミラ Kamira

"Shining DJ"

Artwork from Sunlight and Midnight

Gender Female
Eye color Red
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Hanabi City
Region Tasshu
Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation V
Games Sunlight and Midnight
Leader of Hanabi Gym
Badge Sparkle Badge
Specializes in Electric-types

In the gamesEdit

Kamira will appear in Pokemon Sunlight and Midnight as the Gym Leader of Hanabi City's gym. This gym will be the sixth to be challenged by the player. Trainers who defeat Kamira will receive the Sparkle Badge, along with TM57 (Charge Beam). She also appears during the scene where Leaf trying to convince her mother to let her continue her journey; Kamira persuades Leaf's mother to give her daughter permission to follow her dream. She reappers at Fairy Hollow where she and the other Tasshu Gym Leaders and Elite fours hold off the Fairy Tail. In the Summer, she visits Cynthia at Sakurai Town. In the Spring Night, she appears at the parade of the Sakurai Festival. She is friends with Sora.


  • Leader: Kamira
  • Gym: Hanabi Gym
  • Item Used: Hyper Potion 2x Super Potion 3x
  • Reward: 4200

1. Ampharos Lv.33 Type: Electric Ability: Static♂

Moves:-Charge Beam-Elecball-Thunderpunch-Cotton Spore

3. Emonga Lv.33 Type: Electric/Flying Ability: Static♂

Moves:-Charge Beam-Double Team-Acrobat-Spark

4. Zeburaika Lv.35 Type: Electric Ability: Motor Drive♂

Moves:-Charge Beam-Charge-Stomp-Nitro Charge