The Johto Grand Festival is an Anime-exclusive event held in Goldenroad City, and is the Polemon Contests' analog to the Pokemon League. All Pokemon Coordinators who earn five ribbons are eligable to enter. Lilian is the MC of the Johto Grand Festival.

The winner of the Johto Grand Festival gets the Ribbon Cup as their prize. The competition started in HGSS173 and ended in HGSS177.

Like Sinnoh Grand Festival, all coordinators wore new costumes.



Each round is judged by a panel of four individuals. They include Mr. Contesta, Mr. Sukizo, Nurse Joy from Johto region, and Whitney the Goldenroad City Gym Leader.


Just like ordinary contest, the first round is the Appeal round. The Stage was divided up into two stages; The Red Stage and The Blue Stage. Each Coordinators will judged by two judges; Whitney along Mr. Sukizo (Blue Stage) and Nurse Joy along Mr. Contesta (Red Stage). Only 32 Coordinators will go to the next round.


Known ContestantsEdit

Trainer Place
Sapphire Winner
Carolina Runner Up
Dawn Top 4
Mayla Top 4
Nando Top 8
Bailey Top 16
Jesselina Top 16