Blue Oak (Japanese: オーキド・グリーン Green Ōkido) is one of the Main Protagonist of Pokemon Adventures!. He is the second artifficial Dragon Slayer mage.

Blue Oak

オーキド・グリーン Green Ōkido

Blue AdventuresBlue as he appears in the second half of the series
Age 17 (as of the second half of the series)
Gender Male
Birth date November 22 (Sagittarius)
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Kanto
Relatives Daisy Oak, Professor Oak
Team Dragon Slayers
Previous Team Light Allience
Trainer class Trainer, Gym Leader
Leader of Viridian Gym
Badge Earth Badge
Specializes in Various
Debut round The Day of the Fateful Encounter
Unusual Features Enchanced Smell
Magic Ice Dragon Slayer Magic
Alias The Trainer (by Professor Oak), Ice Wizard (by Jellal)




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Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Artificial Ice Dragon Slayer Magic: Blue is an ice dragon slayer that he can summons ice that he can eat or heal himself. Like Red, he isn't a true dragon slayer, having implanted a Dragon Orb inside his body by Professor Oak. But, he still vowed member of Dragon Slayers.


  • Ice Dragon's Roar
  • Ice Dragon's Fang
  • Ice Dragon's Frozen Fist
  • Ice Dragon's Sword Fang
  • Ice Dragon's Club
  • Ice Dragon Lance: Freezing Fall
  • Ice Clone

Dragon Slayer Secret Technique:

  • Ice Blade: Dance of the Seven Wings

Dragon Force


Enchanced Smell


Reflector Pendant