Bailey's Glaceon (ミュウ グレイシア '''Miu's Glacia) is Bailey's sixth Pokemon appeared as an Eevee in HGSS173.


  • Debuts In: HGSS173
  • Caught At: Near Goldenroad City
  • Evolves In:
    • HGSS173
  • Gender: Unknown
  • Ability: Snow Cloak
  • Current Location: With Bailey


Prior to Grand Festival, Bailey acquaired two Eevee. As part of her Appeal, Bailey threw part of an Ice Rock towards one of the Eevee causing it evolve into Glaceon. Glaceon then helped to perform a great appeal alongside Leafeon that evolved from another Eevee, ensuring Bailey's progression through the first round. Bailey also used Glaceon along with her Staraptor during a Double Battle against Sapphire, but ended up losing. Glaceon appeared again along with Bailey's Pokemon watching Sapphire and Carolina's Battle at HGSS177.

Known MovesEdit

Known Moves First Used
Iron Tail HGSS173
Hidden Power HGSS173
Hail HGSS173
Sunny Day HGSS173
Ice Shard HGSS173
Double Team HGSS174
Shadow Ball HGSS174
Ice Beam HGSS174
Ice Fang HGSS174
Rest HGSS174