(Japanese: アチャ Acha) is one of the three Gym Leaders of Tsaanin City's Gym, known officially as the Tsaanin Gym. She specialized in Fire-type Pokemon. She gives the Starter Badge to trainers who defeat her if they chooses one of the Grass-type starters as their starter Pokemon.


アチャ Acha

"Trial starter"

Artwork from Sunlight and Midnight

Gender Female
Eye color Black
Hair color Red
Hometown Tsaanin City
Region Tasshu

Tar, Poch, Kenta (brothers)

Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation V
Games Sunlight and Midnight
Leader of Tsaanin Gym
Badge Starter Badge
Specializes in Fire-types
Anime debut BF005

In the gamesEdit

Acha appears in Pokemon Sunlight and Midnight as one of the Gym Leaders of the Tsaanin City's Gym, alongside Tar and Poch. This gym is the first to be challenged by the player. Acha battles the player if one of the Grass-type starters is chose by the player. Trainers who defeat her will receive the Starter Badge, along with TM83 (Cheer Up). She also need help the player to find her younger brother, Kenta. After the player found Kenta, she will give he/she a Fire Stone. She reappers again in Fairy Hollow with the other Tasshu Gym Leaders and Elite Fours to hold off the Fairy Tail. In the Summer, she visits Cynthia in Sakurai Town. In Spring Night, she informs the player to meet in Emerald City for a Sakurai Festival Opening.


  • Leader: Acha
  • Gym: Tsaanin Gym
  • Item Used: Potion 2x
  • Reward: 1680

1. Zigzagoon Lv.12 Type: Normal Ability: Gluttony♀

Moves:-Tackle-Cheer Up-Tail Whip-Headbutt

2. Torchic Lv.14 Type: Fire Ability: Blaze♀

Moves:-Scratch-Growl-Focus Energy-Ember


In the animeEdit

Acha appears in BF005 alongside Tar and Poch. She was seeing shopping in her hometown, Tsaanin City. When she saw Kenta and his friends in Tsaanin City and show them to the gym. Along with Tar and Poch, the serving Ash. Ash declines and saying he wants to battle the Gym Leader and the three siblings introduce themselves. They followed Ash to the battleground where they revealed their Pokemon.

Acha is the last to battle Ash, and lost. She also appears in BF006 where she says goodbye to Kenta and even kiss him in the forehead, who decided to travel with Ash and Madoka.

She, likes her brothers, tends to speak about Pokemon elements, in this case fire and explain about the Blaze ability.


This is the list of Acha's known Pokemon in the anime.

Torchic is Acha's only known Pokémon. It first appeared when Acha showed what Pokémon she has and Ash scans it on his Pokédex. It is the last Pokémon Ash battled in his gym battle. Bulbasaur's attacks do much damage to Torchic, but Torchic's ability, Blaze was activated and hit Bulbasaur hard with Ember, Fire Spin and Dig. One of Torchic's Dig attacks knocked Bulbasaur into the air. But Ash commanded it to use Vine Whip into the hole that Torchic was in and it managed to tangled on Torchic. Bulbasaur then spun Torchic around and threw it on the ground, used Razor Lead successfully, and then knocked it out with powerful Take Down.Torchic's known moves are Ember, Fire Spin and Dig.
Debut BF005